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We would like for our music to bring healing. It is our hope that this music brings a feeling similar to that of hearing beautiful birdsong near a tranquil river.

 It is our prayer that the divinity in nature flows through our music, a healing balm for these troubled times. There is no guarantee that we will succeed, but we feel it is worth the effort.

On a personal level, we are the wife and husband team of KIRILOLA and Brad Houser.

Who we Are

KIRILOLA is a noted vocalist, musician, and teacher from Japan, primary instruments being voice, keyboards, and bass.  Her vocal method, taught via “Clear Voice Seminar” brings healing to people who are experiencing difficulty with their speaking/singing voices. Her solo performances use traditional elements of Japanese song, dance, and costume to bring the feeling of nature closer to the audience. She is also the founder and leader of the rock band eX-Girl, having toured the world, playing many shows and festivals to widespread acclaim.


Brad Houser is a musician and teacher, primary instruments being bass, saxophone and pedal steel. He is a founding member of New Bohemians (featuring Edie Brickell) and Critters Buggin. A veteran of countless gigs and multiple tours, he also is a music teacher with Anthropos Arts, an Austin, TX-based non-profit organization dedicated to helping underprivileged and at-risk youth onto the college/university path of higher education. He also has a signature model bass, the “Basshouser Fatfish 32”, produced by Reverend Musical Instruments, and is an enthusiastic endorser/user of DR Strings.

Star Cluster

 Diamond Booms a new chapter in both of our musical lives, and we hope that our music will sweeten and enhance your own life.

- Arigato

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