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Brad Houser

I chose Brad's favorite number, 44, and decided it was time to remove the respirator at 4:44. He then continued to breathe for about four and a half hours until he drew his last breath at 9:09, his throat making a crashing sound as he breathed heavily. All the while I held him, kissed him, and stroked him until he drew his last breath. His skin was so shiny and smooth that it was hard to believe that he was going to die. At first, we played the song "Medicine" by Diamond Booms from my phone. I realized he was pouring a tremendous amount of energy into me with every fiber of his being, and it was like an intense rhythmic groove that moved to the beat. I told this to John, Kenny, and Brandon, members of the New Bohemians, and they played along with his beat, leaning in softly, and I sometimes shouted along, feeling this was a real jam session. I loved his groove and he was always teaching me how to groove like him. Finally, he muscled up the energy to send it to me and let me experience the real groove. A loving and beloved husband and my master of music. " We fit together so well," he would always say. My heart could be torn out of my chest.  Thank you all from the bottom of my heart for your heartwarming support. #bradhouserbass #diamondbooms #ediebrickellandnewbohemians #crittersbuggin #thedeadkennygs

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